People’s Platform

Dean seeks out the voice of the people and finds vision in what’s best for our neighbors and neighborhoods, not special interests.

People’s Platform

Dean seeks out the voice of the people and finds vision in what’s best for our neighbors and neighborhoods, not special interests.

Smart Growth

Special interest influence has allowed over-development to run rampant. New projects are being approved again and again with minimal consideration for impacts on our traffic, our neighborhood integrity or our quality of life. We need a balanced approach to development that allows Fort Lauderdale to grow sensibly over the next few decades.

Fighting Congestion & Traffic

As overdevelopment has gone unchecked, traffic and congestion have worsened. Getting from Federal Highway to Interstate 95 has become nearly impossible during certain hours of the day. Congestion on our main roadways has increased traffic on neighborhood streets. It has created a dangerous situation particularly for our children and seniors. Dean will work with neighbors to finally implement real solutions to our traffic problems so Fort Lauderdale can start moving again!

Solving the Sewer Crisis

No resident should have to deal with unhealthy and dangerous sewage pouring into our streets and yards each time it rains. Our infrastructure needs have reached a crisis level, and now we’re discovering that mismanagement of city funds only made the situation worse. Collaborating with experts, elected officials and residents, Dean will work toward quick and sensible solutions to solve our sewer crisis and shore up city’s infrastructure for the next generation.

Humane Solutions to Homelessness

We can’t bulldoze away our homeless crisis. Dean has been a champion for compassionate solutions to our city’s homeless issues. He understands that the only way to deal with this problem in the long term is by identifying ways to help our homeless neighbors get the assistance they need to get back on their feet. As Mayor, Dean will work with neighborhood stakeholders, local churches, nonprofits and our City Commission to address this problem without bringing in the bulldozers.

Protecting Neighborhood Identity

Fort Lauderdale has dozens of beautiful and unique neighborhoods, each with a special identity of its own. But as over-development continues, the special character of our neighborhoods is in jeopardy. We need policies that allow for smart growth which protect the integrity of local neighborhoods, and preserve historic architecture. Our quality of life is a top priority.

Crime & Public Safety

Crime continues to be a major problem affecting Fort Lauderdale’s neighborhoods. Too many residents have been victims of home or car break-ins. Drugs are a dangerous and growing problem on our streets, exacerbated by the nation’s opioid crisis. Gun violence has racked our nation, and weapons are still being sold too close to where our children play. Dangerous driving abounds. Yet, dozens of needed law enforcement jobs are unfilled in the Police Department despite money being budgeted. As Mayor, Dean will work with federal, state and local law enforcement to find solutions and protect our homes.

Business & Economic Development

As a small business owner, Dean understands the importance of a strong economy to Fort Lauderdale. Dean has been a steadfast supporter of diversifying our tourism industry, protecting our marine industry, and partnering with our realtor and investor community because they are the three pillars that make our economic engine run. As Mayor, Dean would push for broadening our economic base with the attraction of more high-earning jobs and would make sure no part of our community is left behind in our success. Dean will fight for a better business climate at City Hall. We need a staff that focuses more on economic development and is willing to cut needless red tape. And, we need to ensure there is housing affordable to workers of all salaries within the boundaries of our city.